I Hate Irony


I was walking along one day when I realized that I hate irony

I think I was thinking of the movie The Shining and how scary it is

When I was 21, I didn’t sleep for two nights straight because of that movie

It reminded me a lot of growing up and the things I’ve seen

Fear is not irony

If you have ever been truly scared there is no irony in your voice when you scream

And too

Love is not either

I was in love once and all I could think of was joy

Not drinking, nor sex, or spaghetti

Not witty things to say or martinis

That bubble down the stairs with gracious olives

I didn’t think of my large grey turtleneck folding over my abdomen

As I was touched so quietly by the stars

I hate when people think they are being funny by being ironic

Or they want to show you they are clever

So they say something really meaty

With twists and curves

I don’t think it is funny to be so elitist

To everyone who hasn’t had the chance to be as special as you are

Being cultivated into fine things when you yourself was nothing to begin with

Humor is not irony as I belly laugh all along the bench

Of the waiting room while they announce my father will die

Or when my friend was killed by her husband while he wore all black

To be torched is not ironic, but it hurts

It hurt her flesh.  It hurts me to think about it.

And not precious I am to think about it, to give it time

O but Dottie, you say, you are so funny

Surely you realize you are always being ironic

But I am not, I will tell you

I am only being real





I Wonder about Cars


I like to fix cars

No I do not I don’t know how to

Do you know how to fix cars?

How many people in the world know how to, I wonder

I also wonder how to fix sewing machines, but then what does that matter?

I forgot to walk my dog tonight, will she die?

Earlier I fell in the park and banged my hand

But no one noticed if I died or not

Cars are really important to the people who like cars

And fixing them is really important to the people who drive cars

Except I don’t think that all those people know how to drive cars

Those ones who fix cars

I mean I don’t think that all the people who drive cars

Know how to fix cars

Yes that is what I mean

Do you know how to do things that I don’t?

I love you

You are unlike anything I have ever seen in a car

Your eyes are green and that is alright

My mind is so blank when we kiss

But even then

I know fixing cars is important to someone







I was walking

Through the city

But really I was

Talking to him

But the talking was

In my mind

The metal sky

Was everywhere

I saw the clothing

Store where I had

Lost my head

Everyone said

That she seemed


But I knew

She must be sweet

On some level

He only likes

Sweet things

And when I walk through

The sad city

I get chocolates

For him even though

He doesn’t love me


Still, he never did

Nor does he love

The moon

In the city lights

The moon is gone

But do I care

The moon never

Gave me much

Anyway I remember

Kisses in front

Of the moon

That were


Am I supposed to only

Love when it is

Time to? Am I supposed

To be there for people

Only when it is time to? My mom calls

Then she forgets I am her daughter. I never

Forget who I love, the place

I am walking in. I never

Forget my head is beating blood

Everywhere. I never forget

How sweet the smile of

The thing you love

And how horrible

The face of the predator.

I wake and walk but

I am always alone and

I can’t seem to see

Why this is so bad

But still I want a true

Love. Still I want the

Things that the lovers

Face by the stream

When the moon

Is out.  No metal sky

Anywhere. No city

But it is not the city

That is the problem