At the Cinema Tarot



#10 First Spaceship on Venus

(A female astronaut is on a mission)


Today is a day to take control.


This missile, this helmet

fits like a second skin.


I’m at ease in them

and can project

my naturally timid nature

without fear –


see myself in the mirrored cloud

sexy protective shield

of my sister planet.







#11 Cinderfella

(Jerry Lewis sleeps in)


The wicked stepmother will just have to wait for her breakfast.







#12 The Moon-Spinners

(Hayley Mills gets chatted up)


Like a jewel thief –

that’s how smooth he’ll be.


Expect to find yourself at a wedding soon.







#13 The Moon-Spinners

(An English tourist tries to keep a low profile)


No, you’re not being paranoid.

Someone really is after you.







#14 Journey to the Center of the Earth

(Science penetrates a steamy cavern)


reishi, shiitake,

enoki, morel,

porcini, peyote,

oyster, chanterelles –


get friendly with a fungus today!