In my bikini it’s all I do all day. Seek

the source of the siren I hear


till paralyzed when you go-go dance

or practice rocket-tennis with the erectile


launcher. In that regard, I am a lifeguard

other men can’t understand. I look around


to find out if they hear it too

but every man is already in his invisi-suit


ready for the sun to split into sixths.

Every man is running around making breath-


stroke gestures in his invisi-suit.

I’m alone with the sound either way,


and more slouchy the further I walk.







Tracing your movements in the grove is the only thing

that doesn’t bore me, which is why I swim


so poorly. I had a dream your mouth

opened & the noise got thicker—


there were baby antennae sprouting

from the base of each tree. It was then you


convinced me we should split into sixths

together & wait for the sun to raid us.   







Do you know a thing called scream

was programmed into your head-


medicine accidentally. That is why you

swim so poorly. Little bits of seed


came out in the swimming pool that

were stuck behind the stripe in your


speedo. It starts with my hands. Circles

appear on the tops of my wrists, and I


freeze & drop the racket. This is called

an orgasm. They happen in sixes,


fives, fours, threes, twos, ones, &

zeros. I tried to megaphone it before


I disappeared, but my scream

was sliced off with an invisible knife.