The Song Form Has a Long History


Over the long haul,

we must not get all worked up over

the reciprocal nesting, the “castling,”

of verse and chorus:


hyena and human once switched places,

as did no drop-off at all

and very steep drop-off, loud darkness

and silent darkness, etc.


The entrance to the desert is guarded

by a hyena on its hind legs

holding a scimitar and a dagger.

It is a comical image.


After crossing the desert, the seeker

enters an area perpetually shrouded in storm,

which enfolds and conceals a silent inner eye;

there, in the midst of the silence, is

a high, final precipice,

the place foreordained for the manifestation

of the object of the seeker’s desire.


When you imagine a thunderstorm nailed in place,

it’s already off the map.


Maybe it does seem a little far-fetched.

I don’t know if I’d even be able to tell

if the bottom fell out.


When I try to imagine,

I see spinning color wheels, and hear slide whistles.





With Fight Scene


One wonders whether correct opinions

will serve as one’s preservation

from one shore to the next

because I am just like you.

But the main thing is to see it through


I don’t know if it broke in half,

or it like rotted in half

I wasn’t the full schema

I couldn’t see the full schema


The men chant according to

interlocking cross-cutting rhythms

because this thwarts the

monster’s approach


In this way the monster’s tune

sticks against the walls

of his own lung, which are adhesive


Watch him say he won't apologize

for criticizing the president and

“his broken policy” Watch a recap

of the day's war of words


Have not read the book yet.

I have a few questions.

Could someone contact me

so I can get some clarity? Thank you.


Watch the war, he said

What do you see

from where you’re standing

right now


The picture of a rabbit in faux relief

I said with my eyes closed

to the doctor as he checked

my reflexes and


So you feel like a, rabbit?

No, like the picture of a rabbit,

in faux relief

That’s definitely what I feel like


I see: countless places,

“the attached stylus arm

hinges at the midpoint, thus

when the ink reserve empties out

to a certain degree, the end

of the arm lightens, and the

pen lifts STRIKINGLY

BEAUTIFUL the men chant

according to interlocking cross-cutting

rhythms because this thwarts

the monster’s approach


“Zeno’s paradox against motion”


“The form of this famous problem


I turned down a million


bad guy things


This reassert’s the monster’s

identity with paralysis


kicks the man in front of him

uppercut to the next guy

reaches behind him arm turns &

fingers braid into whip

yanks feet out from underneath, jumps

knees down impact on head

head butts next one,

throws an elbow which is blocked

then a knee and brings elbow down

so, a conspiracy!

uses whip arm to wrap & sever next fist

starts whipping it around, connecting

gives him time to think, plan

there’s high ground over there

a ventilation hood

if he can get over the fence

but what’s a fence doing

this is an underground tunnel

underwater, it’s all happening so slowly

knocks dude unconscious standing launches

self off dude’s shoulders still standing

lands on the other side of the fence

what is all this, increasingly?

he thinks

drops fist & winds up whip

whips at faces coming up over fence

then grabs fist again & throws it

enemy falls from the chandelier

the chandelier’s going to have to come down

to electrocute the shark

the man in the shark suit/mask

confusion matched by confusion

the swarm topples the fence but

the man is gone

it’s only a busy street

a municipal tree

where he defending himself was

ink octopus inside-out


and they grabbing hold of

the ink cloud twist

hard into an oversize hornet

then the hornet catches fire

and the fire grows sideways an

orchestra conductor who

raises his baton


but I would, when I was, this was very weird when I was young, I would, my head would just start a- and, and, I would, as if, uh, even, not only when I was sleeping, when I was awake, in fact it would happen when I was in a very quiet room... by myself... um, no noise, and I would not, no TV no radio nothing, and I would not have been doing anything that made noise...I would just start, my head would kind of start spinning, not as if I was getting dizzy, but it was almost like this noise was building up inside of my head, it was very odd. And, and I learned, to, the way to stop it, is to either stand up, change what I was doing, or say something, or, or, or turn on the radio, some some external noise, or even, noise made by myself, would [hand clap] stop it.