Dear Most Valued Reader:


When a pheasant is young, its legs are grey and the belly is tender and flexible. (The fine game bird is frequently found wild on the mid-flight movie screen.) Feel the world beneath me. Truss the pheasant as for an entrée and sauté in butter only. Swirl in a few drops of brandy, mushroom caps, drizzle with game gravy. Serve burning hot! Tomorrow, we will progress to: Blackbird Bonne Femme.


My country calls and I answer. I wish to do it and I will do it. I shall go where you go.


Who can forget the memorable words?


Yours (very) truly; Very truly yours; Yours (very, most) respectfully; Very (most) respectfully yours;


As ever (Never omit the word Yours),


Hayley Heaton, Cate Peebles, David Sewell (editors),

Brad Soucy (drawings, web site design)