Samuel Amadon



A Discrete or Continuous Sequence of Measurable Events Distributed in Time


I had not approached, but could have prepared a distance

just like interested in crossing 

            put some muscle to blue

paint on this porch looks like tin, the branches cross over

makes more than I can keep the house shut 

                                                                    sooner or

neighbor, we’re going to decide who owns the tree, sweeps

the playoffs 

                    I have to tell you I cared about hockey

games were what I couldn’t bear

   which is what this is now

whether or not I am more the man to understand them


I have prepared the onions in quarters

                                                             with horseradish

you can never tell what won’t work

        before experiments

with you for me including my mother finds my father’s

grandmother’s diary notes that she is wondering

   what this

century will bring her an answer no one was expecting

anything else  

         eating the peas with my fingers I am just

close enough to know they will run out has everything to

do with changes in their texture 

               it is the distinction


between the rain is on the roof and is it morning makes me

notice where this light is that refrigerator

      I have left

strawberries mold in how many I have left  

      I am afraid

I am like this all the time for a reason

I am afraid is

something I am not going to know how to tell what it is

from everything is a box-cut of we don’t know

 the orange

from light

    from light we measure is everything here

                                                                    is not

everything was selected whether or not

             is everything right.